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    Polyarteritis nodosa

    Visitors are encouraged to consult other sources and. The small and medium- sized arteries become swollen and damaged. Your body needs this oxygen- rich blood to keep you healthy. Symptoms are wide- ranging because many different organ systems may be involved. Polyarteritis nodosa. Polyarteritis nodosa is a rare disease resulting from vasculitis, or blood vessel inflammation.

    Polyarteritis nodosa is a rare autoimmune disease featuring spontaneous inflammation of the arteries ( arteritis, a form of blood vessel inflammation or " vasculitis" ). This is a serious disease of the blood. Polyarteritis Nodosa Symptoms and Treatment - MedicineNet. It primarily affects small and medium arteries, which can become inflamed or damaged. Polyarteritis nodosa ( PAN) is a rare disease that makes your blood. All information contained within the Johns Hopkins Vasculitis Center website is intended for educational purposes only. Polyarteritis nodosa is a serious blood vessel disease. Polyarteritis nodosa ( PAN) is a condition that causes swollen arteries. Autoimmune diseases are characterized by an overactive, misdirected immune system that attacks one' s own body. Your arteries and veins take blood to and from your heart and organs.

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